ThermBright Targets work well in Middle east

ThermBright Fig 11 Targets thermal view
Middle East customer:
We used your targets for a no light shoot 2 nights ago and without your targets the shoot would have been a disaster.  Your targets were excellent so much so that we put a host of sniper operators through Cold Shots and single shot placement at 300 metres and achieved a 99.9% success rate, some going with 32 operators and one bullet each. As I said the targets were a great success  using no heat source other than the ThermBright  targets.  We did not even employ a 10% angle to capture sky cold reflection highlighting recognition definition.  I have some cracking video that XXXX has made. Have attached 2 x target images of results.  On the Figure 12 we had 2 operators 2 single shots into the head where the signature was minimal only head moon shape given off and on the figure 11 operators rapid single shot rapid target acquisition and engagement RTAE.  All from 300 metres.  Great targets!

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