ThermBright Unpowered Thermal Targets

Thermbright Thermal Target Systems

versatile, high-contrast, realistic Targeting

ThermBright thermal targets do not need power or a heat source.

ThermBright passive thermal targets depict a more realistic view than conventional heated targets. Also the ThermBright material is extremely versatile which allows the production of a wide variety of targets resulting in a more realistic live-fire experience during training.

The versatility of the ThermBright range of targets allows its use for all types of surveillance and target acquisition (STA) systems including image intensifiers, thermal, and fusion imagers.

Unpowered and passive thermal targets & recognition systems

ThermBright unpowered thermal targets

Solutions for all combat training scenarios

Our Product Range

ThermBright targets are visible at ranges well in excess of 2km, meaning that thermal and visible conspicuity is excellent. This has been proven by exhaustive testing of ThermBright targets world-wide by the British Army and others.

Thermal Targets

A unique range of battle proven thermal targetry.


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The benefits

Thermbright targets offer unbeatable value over that of other conventional thermal target solutions on the market.

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  • Stand-Alone.
  • No power/batteries or cables required.
  • Can be used anywhere without logistical support.
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Day / Night Use

ThermBright Thermal Targets can be seen by all in-service sights including image intensifiers.

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Adverse Weather

Proven in all UK weather conditions and tested in many countries including Iraq, Afghanistan and Norway. Targets also work in full cloud cover.

Thermbright naval application air sea rescue helicopter searching for people in sea.


Targets in Action

ThermBright Thermal Targets can be used in a wide variety of situations and for both military and civilian target practice. This can include zeroing of equipment, personal ID markers, range/track markers as well as shooting targets.

visible at ranges well in excess of

0 km

ThermBright is the simplest and most cost-effective way of providing thermal targets for weaponry using thermal sights.

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