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Thermal Targets Product list

ThermBright offer a large and varied  range of passive thermal targets. Because we are able to offer such a large variety of standard targets and are also able to produce custom targets to any design, we have only shown a small selection below in our Thermal Targets ThermBright Product List.

Please contact us with your specific requirements. We can then tailor a solution for you.

We are only able to show a small selection of the targets we have available. If you wish to know more about targets available to and in use by the US army please contact  Mike Pingel the ThermBright USA representative. For all other countries please contact your local representative.

We can manufacture targets for all of the following options:- 

ThermBright unpowered thermal targets

  • Figures/Infantry
  • Tank/Vehicle panels – complete targets or individual panels
  • Vehicles from 1/10 scale to life sized
  • Zeroing, calibration and sight-in targets
  • Range markers, Individual markers, Vehicle markers, Landing markers
  • Photorealistic Infantry and Vehicles (PRTT)
  • Custom / speciality targets
  • 3D vehicles 
  • Target patches for repair

Below is a sample of some of our ThermBright Targets.

To receive a complete target list, please contact us with your details and a brief outline of your operational requirements. One of our sales staff will get back to you.

Once we understand your requirements we will be able to provide a solution for you.

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Contact your local representative  or contact ThermBright directly email:, tel: 0044 (0)1373 824011.

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