Thermal Targets

Safety & ID Markers

ThermBright offer a wide range of Safety and ID markers thus allowing our products to satisfy most of your training needs. Our product list includes:

  • Range Markers,
  • Individual Personnel Markers
  • Range Personnel Markers (for safety vests)
  • Vehicle Markers
  • Landing Site Markers.

An important safety factor is that ThermBright Markers/Targets are designed to present a ‘COLD’ or ‘HOT’ return to the imager.          This can be a significant feature to avoid fratricide in training,  because it will enable personnel markers and the targets to present different polarities to the thermal imager. 

ThermBright unpowered thermal targets

Range Markers

ThermBright offer a number of unpowered passive thermal range markers. These include lettered, numbered and chevron markers. ThermBright targets are visible both at night and during the day – a necessity for range safety.

We have a number of standard range markers, however ThermBright are able to offer customised markers as needed.

Range Markers normal view
Range Markers thermal reverse polarity view
Range Markers thermal view

Personal / Vehicle ID

ThermBright offer a range of unpowered passive thermal personal and vehicle ID markers. These range from individual patches for helmet or arm, to hand-held markers and even large thermal patches for tanks.

Personal Id can be tailored so that individual members (e.g. instructor) can be easily identified both at night and during the day. In the same way individual vehicles can be identified by different designs on the thermal panel.

USA tank showing thermbright thermal star marker

Vehicle ID Markers – US Tanks

USA tanks with thermal marker

Vehicle ID Markers – Thermal View

ThermBright Thermal ID marker visual and thermal views


Personal ID marker visible view
Personal ID marker normal polarity thermal view
Personal ID marker reverse polarity thermal view

A common feature to all ThermBright Targets is that they can be repaired and reused by the use of ThermBright Repair Patches, which are available in sizes for both small arms and tank fire.

ThermBright targets are supplied in rolls making shipping and storage an easy process.

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