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What we do. ThermBright targets are simple to use and require no power. They are the perfect target to help with thermal night vision target requirements. The targets can be ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ and in either polarity. The only preparation required is to slant them backwards ten degrees or more. This is so they can reflect the ‘cold energy of space’.

No Power Required Stand-alone

No power/batteries or cables are required. Can be used anywhere without logistic support.

Day/Night Use

ThermBright Thermal Targets can be seen at all times of the day and night.

Thermal Properties

ThermBright Thermal Targets can be seen by all in-service sights including image intensifiers.

Sub-Zero Conditions

Tests in the UK showed ThermBright working perfectly at -6 deg C at 3am.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Proven in all UK weather conditions as well as countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Norway. Will work in full cloud cover.


Can easily be patched up and repaired in the field. ThermBright provide patch sheets.

Long Life

Observed 2000 hits before significant degradation. This compares to 200 hits on conventional heated targets.


ThermBright incorporates shape and thermal identification features.


Photo Realistic Targets (PRTT) are available and can be our standard designs or custom made as required.

Cost Effective

Due to lower capital cost and better durability, ThermBright targets represent significantly better value for money than conventional heated targets.

Flexible Production

ThermBright targets can be manufactured to meet varying requirements including size, backing material and image. Thermbright products can be manufactured to meet any number of applications.

What is ThermBright?

ThermBright provide a complete line of thermal targets for live fire training. The targets require NO external power which means they can be deployed anywhere and at anytime.

ThermBright manufactures a wide variety of vehicle and infantry targets alongside  landing, vehicle and personnel ID thermal markers.

What Does ThermBright Provide?

The ThermBright line of passive thermal targets provides a diverse set of thermal targets useful in a wide range of battle-training scenarios. 

 ThermBright targets’ usability is outstanding. They can be used in any weather condition, day or night. Because they need no power they can also be deployed rapidly. Put all this alongside their lower capital and running costs it means they provide the best choice for military and civilian target practice.

The ThermBright material has natural thermal characteristic properties. Thermbright is visible in all thermal bands 3-13 microns. Importantly they can be used with image intensifiers (NVG’s) as well as thermal imagers. We have customers who use the targets routinely against Javelin Missiles.

The targets  can be any size up to a full size Battle Tank. They can be inspected for fall of shot, patched up, repaired, and used again.

All ThermBright Targets can be repaired to increase longevity. Patches of various sizes are available suitable for small arms fire up to tank shot.

3D Targets available

The targets have basic thermal recognition features such as gun, engine, or block panels. Electrically heated targets become thermal ‘blobs’ when viewed through a thermal imager.

ThermBright targets last at least 10 times as long as heated targets. User trials concluded that a ThermBright Fig 11 target took over 2000 rounds before degradation, whereas the heated equivalent took only an average of 200 before failure.

Many of the targets have NATO Stock Numbers and can be purchased through the NSPA procurement system.

Thermal Views of 3D Tank Targets

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