Thermal Targets


ThermBright Thermal Targets can provide a wide range of targets and markers for use with

  • Attack helicopters such as the Apache
  • Helicopter Landing Sites (HLS)
  • Fighter Ground Attack (FGA) scenarios 

ThermBright unpowered thermal targets

Attack Helicopters

ThermBright offer a wide range of targets for use with Apache helicopters,

  • Tank targets
  • Armoured Vehicle targets
  • Machine gunners
  • Mortar team
  • Infantry

The illustration shows targets through an Apache sighting system, normal and thermal views.

Attack helicopter with visual and thermal view of a tank target

HLS (helicopter landing site)

ThermBright offer a wide range of landing site markers. These can be used as ‘pop-up’ landing sites for helicopters as well as for more permanent landing sites.

The illustration shows landing site markers in normal, thermal and fusion views.

ThermBright Landing markers normal, thermal and fusion views

FGA (fighter ground attack)

ThermBright offer a wide range of targets for use with FGA scenarios. 

The image shows FGA Targetry targets in both visual and thermal views.



Fighter Ground Attack Targets in visual and thermal views

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