Thermal Targets

Naval Applications

Thermbright naval applications offer a range of thermal targets and markers for use by Naval forces.

We are able to manufacture –

  • Naval Gunnery Unpowered Thermal targets
  • Passive thermal target markers in 4 and 12 panel design.
  • Long range targets for attachment to target boats.
  • Thermal markers to help identify search and rescue victims. 

The use of Thermbright thermal markers results in targets being able to be used in all weather conditions and at any time of the day or night.

ThermBright unpowered thermal targets

Gunnery Practice

For Naval Gunnery Practice, ThermBright naval applications offers a Thermal Variant of the traditional inflated ‘Killer Tomato’ cubes. To make the cube more visible the ThermBright target has thermal markers on each side. This means it can be seen in any direction in both normal and thermal views. 

To prevent the targets being blown away in high winds inbuilt drogues can be included as part of the design.

On the right you can see a ThermBright target with thermal cross markers. However the markers can be designed to be any shape or size as required by the target scenario you wish to set up.

ThermBright passive thermal targets and markers can be manufactured to any design and with a selection of backing. This means we are able to help in a wide variety of target training scenarios.

ThermBright thermal markers will allow target training to continue in all weathers and day or night.

ThermBright Naval Gunnery Unpowered Targets

Search & Rescue

Search and Rescue is an important part of the work of our naval forces. ThermBright have developed marker panels which can be easily added to the survival dinghy aids. We have also developed thermal recognition markers which can be fitted to helmets or life-jackets. Passive thermal markers such as these will increase the likelihood of people being found at night or at times of low visibility such as in fog or smoke. 

Because we control the manufacture of our ThermBright markers we can manufacture any size or shape of marker as required. We are also able to offer a variety of backings, for instance ready sewn on or industrial Velcro if markers need to be interchangeable.

A common feature to all ThermBright Targets is that they can be repaired and reused by the use of ThermBright Repair Patches, which are available in sizes for both small arms and tank fire.

ThermBright targets are supplied in rolls making shipping and storage an easy process.

Thermbright naval application search and rescue thermal ID markers

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