Thermal Targets

Zeroing and Calibration Charts

ThermBright offer a broad range of Zeroing and Calibration Charts. Zeroing targets allow you to adjust sights for accurate shooting and several major Thermal Imager (TI) manufacturers user ThermBright to calibrate their thermal optics. You can buy from our stock of calibration charts or we can design and manufacture to your specification. ThermBright manufacturing accuracy is without parallel.

ThermBright unpowered thermal targets

Zeroing Targets

Passive Thermal Targets for zeroing your Thermal Imager.

A fundamental skill of shooting is to ensure the bullets hit where the optics are looking! This is called Zeroing. ThermBright offers a range of zeroing targets/bullseyes for zeroing practice. 

All targets are easily reparable with stick-on patches for a longer life.



ThermBright Bullseye target normal view
ThermBright zeroing target in visual and thermal views

                                               ThermBright Bullseye Target

Thermbright Calibration Charts

Passive Thermal Targets for calibrating your Thermal Imager.

Thermal Optics manufacturers need a calibrated thermal target for testing and quality assurance purposes. ThermBright has several solutions already supplied to leading manufacturers. 

ThermBright are able to manufacture custom made calibration targets to fit any requirement. Pictured below are some of the bespoke calibration targets already requested and supplied.

Calibration Targets

ThermBright calibration chart in visual and thermal views
ThermBright calibration chart in visual and thermal views

A common feature to all ThermBright Targets is that they can be repaired and reused by the use of ThermBright Repair Patches, which are available in sizes for both small arms and tank fire.

ThermBright targets are supplied in rolls making shipping and storage an easy process.

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