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ThermBright unpowered thermal targets

“I want to personally reach out and thank you for all the help with expediting our order from your company.  I have already recommended you and your company to multiple other units based on the performance of you and your team. I cannot understate the breath of fresh air that ThermBright targets has been in terms of ease of quoting, ordering and following up on the order.  Not only did you catch the mismatch of part numbers based on our initial conversation about target types but you took time to coordinate with Grainger to rectify the situation while already starting production of the target type you knew we wanted.  After the payment was processed you could have easily just dropped into the background knowing that you had fulfilled all your requirements as a sales representative, and I would have thought none the less of you for it.  You stayed engaged and streamlined the shipping process including when the shipment was held up at customs in L.A.  Your attention to detail and follow through has ensured that ThermBright will always get my business as long as I am in the market for thermal targets, and I will continue to recommend you and your team to anyone else that could potentially be in the same market.  Please forward my appreciation to the rest of your team and also to anyone in your company that has oversight on your operations.”

US Marine Corps. Range Control Operations Officer

August 2019

'I was very impressed with the quality of the targetry, it really stood up to a larger number of rounds hitting it and didn't seem to be effected by it. Overall I was very happy with the quality of the picture and how the targetry worked. It should be required on every range as it really adds to the realism!'
Master Gunner on Photo Realistic Thermal Targets - US Army
August 2013
'Many thanks for your very prompt and efficent service. Much appreciated by all in Flight Ops'
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BAE Systems Warton
January 2014
The US Army are currently trialing a new range of ThermBright Targets at the Hawaiian Training Range. They were pleased to report that the 'Humvee frontal was more realistic than real Humvee on range'
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Gunner and Vehicle Commander - US Army Hawaii
"The thermal targets worked well in all conditions, through fog, rain,darkness and in both hot and cold weather. We were able to observe them through various thermal sights up to the limit of our line of sight on the range about 2500m. They were consistently useful in the changing weather conditions and after 2 weeks of daily automatic weapon fire, they were not significantly affected by the volume of fire we put through them. I don't think there's anything more I could ask from the Thermbright silhouettes. They far exceeded my expectations in every facet of their use. In fact, we still have a number of them and will continue to use them in the coming months."
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Squadron Master Gunner - US Army
The targets we purchased have been a great addition to our training items. We have had great success with these and the ability to not have to carry around batteries for power is a huge plus for our shooters.
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SOTF Range Facility Manager - US Army USA
"The target that you sent me was great. I used it numerous times and the quality that we got from it is unmatched for anything that I have tried that is non battery operated and they greatly enhanced training"
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West Coast Trainer for Thermal Sights and Intensifiers - US Marine Corps Trial
To be honest I was holding off the initial test as I wanted to abuse the kit somewhat (leave out in the rain/wind/dust etc) for a week or so to see how it would fare being treated as it would during a live fire package. I tested using TOGS.BGTI, Panther, and Sophie. I have to say, I was impressed.
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British Army Training Unit - British Army, Canada.
Took 40 targets out, easy to roll up and fit in Bergen rucksack. Targets used to check zero at 25m by day, confirmation shoot at 100m by night, then at 500m for fire and manoeuvre shoot from vehicles. The targets greatly enhanced our training, being lightweight, easy to transport and robust.
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British Army Op Herrick - Afghanistan.
The shoot went very well, the firing platforms were wheeled reconnaissance 10RC tanks, targets were located at 1800M and acquisition was quick & positive for all crews.
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French Army
I just came from a quick meeting with some users who are evaluating our targets. They are very pleased with its capabilities so far and will be developing their requirement further.
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Singapore Army
A bank of three standard fig 11 targets front and top were used for Javelin Missile engagement. All were engaged in the direct attack mode between 700m and 1850m. All five missiles hit with good track gate solution. This design of target should be standard and could be tied to any scenario where an insurgent enemy representation was required, for example mortar team, or IED laying team was required.
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Royal Marines - Otterburn Ranges. - Javelin Missile Practice
The meeting went well, the tankies were blown away by how potentially cheap the targets are.
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Australian Army
They worked extremely well and people were suitably impressed.
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UK Special Forces
They are very satisfied with these targets.
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Norwegian Army

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