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Instructions for use

Thermbright instructions for use for all targets can be found below. When purchasing Thermbright targets you will receive full instructions for use with your order. However if you have any problems we are happy to organise a site visit to help resolve any issues.

ThermBright targets are simple to use and require no electric or battery power. In other words there is no need for any cables, batteries or generators!

The only preparation required for installation is to slant the targets backwards ten degrees or more. This is so they can reflect the ‘cold energy of space’. Because the Thermbright material has natural thermal characteristic properties it is visible in all thermal bands 3-13 microns.

Larger targets are usually mounted onto a backing of wood with staples. The target is then fitted into a lifter or installed directly into the ground. Smaller targets are usually supplied with a self-adhesive backing. This means they can be applied to the backing material (wood, metal, plastic) as required.

ThermBright thermal target set-up instructions
ThermBright thermal target set-up instructions

ThermBright targets can be easily patched in the field to prolong the life of the targets. To make this a simple job ThermBright patches are supplied in large sheets of pre-cut patches, in the Thermbright colour of your targets. Patch sheets come in small-arms or tank fire sizes. This means you will always have the patch size needed during your training sessions.

ThermBright thermal target small arms fire Repair Patches
ThermBright thermal target tank fire Repair Patches

Targets with sustained bullet damage ready for ThermBright small arms repair patches

Large tank target with sustained 120mm shell damage easily repaired with ThermBright tank patches

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