ThermBright Unpowered target panels win over heated in US Army tender

ThermBright unpowered panels vs heated panels

Tender description:

One of the largest United States military installations in the world, wanted to purchase several thousand Thermal Panels / Blankets for Targets on its Military Ranges. The Thermal Targets were specified as needing to be powered by 120V AC, must provide a heat signature that is at least 10 degrees above ambient, and must have multi-hit capability/durability.


We were able to offer our ThermBright unpowered thermal targets as a superior and lower cost alternative to the traditional powered targets currently in use.


ThermBright unpowered thermal targets were selected and subsequently a major contract has been awarded!


The benefits of ThermBright can be seen in the images shown here – ThermBright has much better definition at a distance!! No power is needed so no heavy batteries and the targets can be left out on the range and can be used in all weathers.

ThermBright unpowered panels vs heated panels

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