MJ Services (GB) Ltd Awarded USA Contract

Fig 11 Targets normal view

DPTMS/Range Branch, USA (MARCH 2018)

Thermbright Passive Thermal Technologies is the only known brand name vendor that has been able to meet the governments requirement for an effective target passive thermal signature as proven during a recent live fire exercise conducted at a US Army range in NY. Other vendors have provided us with similar passive thermal products in the past which we have tested in a live fire training environment but they have not proven as effective or failed to produce the adequate target thermal signature required for successful completion of the live fire exercise degrading the ability of Units to properly train their soldiers on the use of their weapon system thermal sights. In those cases we were forced to substantially delay training so that Range maintenance personnel could build sandbag positions to protect the generators that we were forced to use to power 120VAC thermal blankets in order to meet the training requirements of the unit.

DPTMS/Range Branch, USA
Fig 11 Targets reverse polarity view

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