Thermal Targets

Fusion Targets

The development of image intensifiers and thermal imagers has been staggering. Both systems have a place on the battlefield, but both, depending on conditions, have their own limitations.

The solution has been to combine both technologies into FUSION optics. This means the imager is looking for both Night Vision Goggle (NVG) and Thermal (Ti) acquisitions. These are often enhanced by an edge tracking feature.

ThermBright has been tested against the latest FUSION optics, and, being naturally reflective, work for these combined conditions, as an old fashioned heated ‘Thermal Blob’ may be inconspicuous to NVG’s.

Fusion technology can be used on all forms of targets.

ThermBright unpowered thermal targets

Thermal Fusion Targets

ThermBright (Unpowered) Thermal FUSION IR/I Targets depict a more detailed view than conventional heated targets, and can be used with with both image intensifiers AND thermal imagers.

Fusion technology can be used on all forms of targets.


Fusion thermal target images

Normal and Fusion views

Landing Markers with Fusion Technology

ThermBright landing markers can be used to create ‘pop-up’ landing sites, or used for permanent landing sites.

A common feature to all ThermBright Targets is that they can be repaired and reused by the use of ThermBright Repair Patches, which are available in sizes for both small arms and tank fire.

ThermBright targets are supplied in rolls making shipping and storage an easy process.

ThermBright Landing markers normal, thermal and fusion views

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