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ThermBright Thermal Targets

There is a clear requirement for thermal targets to support the training and development of combat forces. Conventional targets cannot be seen through TI (Thermal Imager) systems as demonstrated throughout the website.

The versatility of the ThermBright range of targets can be used for all types of surveillance and target acquisition (STA) systems including image intensifiers and thermal imagers.

ThermBright is the simplest and most cost effective way of providing thermal targets for weaponry using thermal sights.

Opposite: ThermBright Fig 11(left) vs Conventional Fig11(right), normal and thermal views.

Normal View
Thermbright_and_Standard_Fig11_Target Thermal View


Opposite: This view shows a visible view of a ThermBright passive thermal target on the left and a thermal view of the same image on the right.


Thermal Grouping, Zeroing and Bore sighting is therefore simple to achieve with ThermBright Targets.

ThermBright Fig11 Target ThermBright Fig11 Thermal Target View

A variety of ThermBright Targets are shown here on display at the UK Defence Academy.

During this exercise the targets were viewed through a wide variety of in service and future thermal imagers, including TAM14 and VIPER2.

ThermBright works perfectly in the 3-12 micron band, with image intensifiers and of course day sights.

The targets can be any size and can be a simple self-adhesive poster or mounted on a fluted polypropylene, plywood, metal or plastic surface.

PVC is recommended for large targets such as tanks and this type has built in eyelets to allow the ThermBright target to be draped over the original target.

ThermBright works day and night and in inclement weather conditions. They have been tested in many countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, and Norway. Recent tests in the UK showed ThermBright working perfectly at -6 degrees centigrade at 3am.

Note the two conventional targets almost invisible when viewed through a thermal imager.
A Selection of targets
A Selection of Targets - Thermal view

Typical ThermBright Targets comparing visible with Thermal Views. These targets are supplied on a PVC roll and are easily attached to existing targetry.

Thermal recognition features are included and can be altered by the user.

Advice on thermal recognition may be sought from the all arms recognition cell, Larkhill.

ThermBright self-adhesive patches are supplied to patch up between firings to maximise the longevity of the target.

Toyota Normal View
Bradley Tank Target Normal View
T55 Tank Target Normal View
Toyota Thermal View
Bradley Tank Target Thermal View
T55 Tank Target Thermal View

The Infantry Trials and Development Unit (ITDU) determined through trials that ThermBright Targets took over 2000 hits before thermal degradation was apparent. The conventional electrically heated ones took an average of 200 hits before failure.

This means that a single ThermBright Target will still be working when ten electrically heated mats have been shot to destruction!

Apart from cost, one of the most attractive features of ThermBright is that they do not require power. There is no need for cables, power supplies or batteries. This considerably reduces the logistical burden in preparing for thermal firing practices.

ThermBright Targets were procured by the UK Ministry of Defence as part of an urgent operational requirement for the training of British Troops preparing for operations.



ThermBright Thermal Target

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Being totally passive (unpowered), ThermBright sets new standards of Thermal Targetry and identification.

Simply erect the target with a view of the sky and slant backwards 10?. ThermBright works night and day and with full cloud cover.