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UK MOD Thermal Targetry Requirements

March 12

The British Army ordered a large number of Fig 11 Targets and Fig 12 Targets as an interim solution to their thermal targetry requirement.

MJ Services supplies Airlight to MOD

August 11

MOD makes major purchase of Airlight Fingertorches for use in all three aircrew services.

US Special Forces

July 11

US Special Forces at Fort Bragg ordered Thermbright Targets.

MJ Services supplies The Royal Norwegian Air Force

MJ Services supplies The Royal Norwegian Air Force with Airlite NVG Finger Torches N S N 6230-99-471370

British Army Places Significant Order for Thermal Targets

March 2010

The British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) in Canada, placed a significant order for a range of ThermBright Targets including T55 MBT, armed pickup trucks and target repair patches.

BATUS is equipped with in excess of 1000 vehicles including a full compliment of Challenger 2 Tank and Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The training area at BATUS is equivalent in size to the combined area of all the main training areas used by the British Army in the UK and in Europe.

Five Battlegroups, each containing approx 1400 soldiers are trained at BATUS each year.

Visit from the Shadow Defence Minister

January 2010

The Shadow Defence Minister and Member of Parliament for Westbury Dr Andrew Murrison MP visits the ThermBright Passive Thermal Target production facility to congratulate the company on their major export achievement.

US Army Purchases ThermBright Targets

January 2010

Major Contract Award for an initial 5000 thermal targets for the United States Army.

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Being totally passive (unpowered), ThermBright sets new standards of Thermal Targetry and identification.

Simply erect the target with a view of the sky and slant backwards 10?. ThermBright works night and day and with full cloud cover.