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Triple ThermBright Targets In Use At Otterburn Ranges

July 2008

The British Army successfully engages Triple ThermBright targets at the Otterburn Ranges using Javelin guided missiles at 1800m.

MJ Services delivered a number of targets in response to an urgent operational requirement for the British Army.

In recent MoD Trials, the standard ThermBright Fig 11 targets took over 2000 hits before significant thermal degradation. They were compared with an electrically heated target which failed after an average of 200 rounds. In some cases the electrically heated targets failed after 3 or 4 shots with unlucky hits on the wiring.

Exhibitions over the last year included Tangent Night Vision at Duxford, DSEi at London Docklands, and DVD at the MillBrook proving grounds. There was much overseas interest during the live demonstration of the ThermBright range of targets.

A number of ThermBright Calibration charts were delivered to several Thermal Imager manufacturers.

ThermBright targets used in training by the British Army in Afghanistan.

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ThermBright Thermal Targets

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Being totally passive (unpowered), ThermBright sets new standards of Thermal Targetry and identification.

Simply erect the target with a view of the sky and slant backwards 10?. ThermBright works night and day and with full cloud cover.