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Military Finger Torches

Product Introduction

MJ Services offers a wide range of finger torches designed to exacting military specifications. The torches are ruggedized, to a water resistant design, capable of taking the harshest abuse. They are light enough to be unnoticed by the wearer and powerful enough to provide immediate, accurate lighting solution in a wide variety of scenarios.

These white torches are also on issue to UK Special Forces and regular Infantry and support arms. Battery time 20hrs using 3 COTS SR44 batteries.

The torch is very simple to wear on either left or right index finger. Operation is one handed by the thumb so your other hand remains free. Flipping between the normal and bright light modes is simply done by pressing and holding down the on/off switch.

In This Range...

Other versions in the range include SCUBA & VISIBLE/IR LASER.

For wholesale or bulk order enquiries please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for prices. Please note these items are made to order.

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ThermBright Thermal Targets are easy to repair.

From 20mm patches for small arms (5.56 up to .50) and 175mm patches for 120mm challenger rounds, the ability to repair these targets make them a great cost saving alternative to conventional heated targets.