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US Army

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August 2013

'I was very impressed with the quality of the targetry, it really stood up to a larger number of rounds hitting it and didn't seem to be effected by it. Overall I was very happy with the quality of the picture and how the targetry worked. It should be required on every range as it really adds to the realism!'

Master Gunner on Photo Realistic Thermal Targets

BAE Systems Warton

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January 2014

MJ Services (GB) Ltd received welcome feedback from BAE Systems Warton  ' Many thanks for your very prompt and efficent service. Much appreciated by all in Flight Ops'

US Army Hawaii

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September 13

The US Army are currently trialling a new range of ThermBright Targets at the Pohakulo Hawaiian Range. They were pleased to report that the 'Humvee frontal was more realistic than real Humvee on range' 

Gunner and Vehicle Commander


Fort Bragg USA

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Fort Bragg USA

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The targets we purchased have been a great addition to our training items. We have had great success with these and the ability to not have to carry around batteries for power is a huge plus for our shooters.

SOTF  Range Facility Manager

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ThermBright Thermal Targets

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ThermBright Thermal Targets are easy to repair.

From 20mm patches for small arms (5.56 up to .50) and 175mm patches for 120mm challenger rounds, the ability to repair these targets make them a great cost saving alternative to conventional heated targets.