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Thermal Targets ThermBright Thermal Targets depict a more realistic view than conventional heated targets. Specific shapes can be achieved to simulate different types of targets resulting in a more realistic live-fire experience.

Thermal Targets Using a remarkable new material, MJ Services has developed the ThermBright range of high contrast unpowered thermal targets. They are totally unpowered and work by utilising reflected energy and solar radiation from space.

Thermal Target Catalogue
targets in action
  • Thermal Vehicle Targets
    T55 Thermbright Thermal Target. Product, Visible and Thermal Imager View
  • Mortar Team Targets
    Thermbright Mortar Team. Product, Visible and Thermal Imager View
  • MJS6168 Thermal Targets
    MJS6168 Thermal Targets. Shown with Conventional Targets in Product, Visible and Thermal Mode.
  • Fig11 Thermal Targets
    Fig11 Thermal Targets. Product, Visible and Thermal Imager Views with Reverse Polarity.

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ThermBright Thermal Targets have been viewed through a range of weapon grade sights including but not limited to:

Thermal Sight
Thermal Sight
Thermal sight
Thermal Sight
Thermal Sight

Shadow Defence Minister

Shadow Defence Minister

The Shadow Defence Minister Dr Andrew Murrison MP visits and congratulates MJS on its Export acheivments.

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ThermBright In The News

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ThermBright In The News

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ThermBright Thermal Targets are easy to repair.

From 20mm patches for small arms (5.56 up to .50) and 175mm patches for 120mm challenger rounds, the ability to repair these targets make them a great cost saving alternative to conventional heated targets.